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Frequently Asked Questions

What goes on at camp?

Each camp is slightly different depending on camper’s ages and the focus of the camp. Even with the slight variations the purpose of FCC is to help every camper and faculty member grow in their relationship with Christ. Each day is structured with meals, devotions, bible teachings, and activities centered on the theme of camp.

Which camp should my child attend?

Each camp week is determined by grade level. We look at what grade level your child will be entering the following school year. For example, if your child just finished 6th grade and will enter 7th grade in the fall they would attend camp sessions designated for 7th graders.

Can my child bring a cell phone to camp?

We recommend that your child leave his or her cell phone at home. It can cause unnecessary problems and homesickness. Cell phone use can factor into safety concerns for all campers. FCC is not responsible for loss or damage to any camper’s or faculty’s phone.

Camper’s are welcome to use the office phone to call home if the Camp’s Dean or Director find it necessary.

How do I register for camp?

Click the link below and follow the prompts to register for camp.
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Do staff and faculty receive background checks?

All faculty and staff must complete the registration process and background checks before they are allowed to work or volunteer at Faith Christian Camp.

What should my child pack for camp?

What to pack for camp:
• 1-2 outfits of clothing per day for your camp session. Play clothes are most appropriate. **Wrangler Campers must wear denim pants and closed toe shoes when working with the horses each day. This will be one of your two outfits for each day.
• 1 plain white t-shirt for paint wars
• Closed toe shoes & sandals
• Twin Size Sheets, Blanket or Sleeping Bag, Pillow.
• Towels, wash cloths, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant and other toiletries
• Swimwear must include a tshirt and shorts. This includes everyone.
• Sunscreen and bug spray
• Bible, notebook, pencil/pen, flashlight
• Cash for missions and/or Camp Store

What NOT to bring to camp:
• Weapons
• Prank Items
• Snacks (Campers receive 3 meals + 2 snacks each day. Food in the cabins always invites rodents. We don’t want that!)
• No pets
• Spaghetti strap tops, shirts that show the midriff, open side shirts, short or tight fitting shorts, pants or skirts. (Campers will be asked to change if wearing these items.)

Camp Arrival & Pick Up

Campers will arrive on the first day of camp at 6pm to get checked in at Alumni (located at the parking lot).  

Check-out is at 3pm on the last day of camp.  Campers will have their belongings packed and ready to go when you arrive.

Day Camp campers will check-in at 9am and check-out at 3pm. 


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