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Policy Overview

At FCC, our policies are constantly under review by our camp board and director. It is our goal to provide a Christian environment that enables our campers to experience God in a very unique and safe way. While this is not an exhausted list of policies at FCC we have decided to specify some of our most important policies. Please check back as these may be updated periodically and as others may be included.


All Campers and Faculty will be examined by our Camp Nurse for lice upon check in. If anyone is found with lice they must be treated before they can go any further with our registration. Campers and Faculty will be sent home to do treatments and may return once those are completed. If lice is found during the middle of the week or after they have already been through registration, with the parents consent, we will treat lice on site. The camp and staff are not responsible for treatment of lice if found with them upon arrival. Please check and ensure that all campers and faculty are lice free before registration begins. Every camper and faculty member’s health and safety is a priority at FCC. The Camp Director and staff hold the right to make any decision that they feel is necessary at the time of registration.

Handguns & Weapons

FCC is a Handgun and Weapon free campus. Year round staff are permitted to carry on site if they are licensed to do so. All visitors will be asked upon arrival if they are carrying. If so, they must lock away their weapon in their car for the remainder of their stay. No handguns or weapons will be permitted unless given permission otherwise by the Camp Director.

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